Compiling PFI, PPP and other complex procurement tenders, bids and proposals…

In complex, multi-stakeholder procurements, coordination and incisive management decision making are keys to successful tender writing

Do you need someone to coordinate inputs from your Special Purpose Vehicle, Construction Contractor, Service Providers and Funders – and to marshal these into a coherent and award winning tender?

Or do you just need someone to keep an eye on the language you’re using in a tender document that’s already been compiled from these disparate sources?

We have experience of working with Project Sponsors, Bidders, Funders, Financial Advisors, Technical Advisors, and Legal Advisors. We understand the language that is used in PFI / PPP contracts and what needs to be included in the tender documentation.

Bidding successfully for a PFI / PPP contract is heavily reliant on having the backing of credible funders. Why not take advantage of our experience of undertaking due diligence studies for PFI / PPP projects– from the very smallest library project (£10 million) to the largest military equipment supply contracts (£2.3 billion)? We can work with you to ensure that you have appropriate documentation that will attract funders to your project – rather than frighten them off.

See our separate page on Writing business plans and funding applications

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