Our approach to writing successful proposals, bids and tenders…

We use a structured approach to writing our winning proposals, developed from the highly successful and proven Shipley strategy

Our Top Ten Principles

1. Requirements: Get behind the PQQ, RFP or ITT and ensure you understand the prospective client’s real requirements.

2. Focus: Expend your effort on telling the client how you are going to use your resources to satisfy their requirements– not on telling them about how wonderful your organisation is.

3. Marking scheme: Study the marking scheme and use the Pareto Principle to prioritise effort on those aspects of the bid that will attract the highest number of marks.

4. Competition: Understand your firm’s and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses – and configure your proposal to emphasise your strengths and highlight their weaknesses.

5. Boilerplate: Avoid boilerplate text that merely waxes lyrically about how good you are – we can all engage in hyperbole – and it often serves to irritate the reader rather than enhance your message.

6. Risks: Proactively manage project implementation risk – it can be worse to underbid a job and lose money than to price yourself out of a project.

7. Illustrations: Where appropriate, follow the maxim “a picture is worth a thousand words” – but, conversely, ensure your reader fully understands the relevance of the picture – avoid captions that merely says what the picture is.

8. Accolades and plaudits: If existing clients have told you how pleased they are with your service – let your prospective client see these accolades and plaudits – they will remember them.

9. Navigation: If a client’s PQQ, RFP or ITT tells you the order in which to present your information, follow that advice to the letter – there is nothing more distracting for the reader than having to hunt for material – otherwise, provide a clear system for evaluators to navigate around your document.

10. Memorable markers: Highlight key strengths of your bid in call outs to the side of the main text – evaluators need visual clues to help them remember your unique selling points.

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