Writing business plans and funding applications …

Successful business plans or funding applications provide the right detail and use the right language

If you are not familiar with banking jargon or financial engineering terms, you may have difficulty convincing a funder to support your application.

Similarly, if you are not able to convince your prospective funder that you have managed the technical and commercial risk involved in your investment, you might find that your application is rejected.

Peter Davies

Our Economist, Peter Davies has worked on projects totalling £100 billion of capital investment. From telecommunications and emergency services in the UK, to railways in Africa, food processing plants in the Middle East and maritime safety in the Far East, Peter’s experience covers all sectors where promoters seek funding.

Nicholas Hallett

Our PFI / PPP expert, Nicholas Hallett has successfully convinced funders to proceed with funding for more than 50 projects in the UK, Australia, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe. With financings ranging from £10 million to £2.3 billion, Nicholas understands how to help you make your potential funders feel comfortable that your investment is a sound one.

Our services include: business plan writing, business plan management, financial modelling and consultancy. Both Peter and Nicholas are experts in Risk Management and they will help to ensure that your business plans and funding proposals take proper account of project risks.

As with our tender and bid writing services, we can work with you to develop that all-important winning presentation you will need when you come face to face with your prospective funders

We can also help you produce the investment packs you will need where you are engaging in a funding competition.

Contact us on 020 8220 8282 or email our bid specialists on proposals@the-i-team.co.uk to discuss how we can help you with your business plans and funding applications.  Alternatively, click here to complete and submit our contact form.