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Bids & Proposals

More than £100 billion worth of work won by team members

For many businesses, sales are generated by writing successful tenders, proposals or bid documents.

Satisfying the requirements of a Prequalification Questionnaire (PQQ), an Invitation to Tender (ITT) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be both time-consuming and complex.  This is often made more difficult by having to coordinate inputs from multiple contributors, whilst meeting tight deadlines.

Our team of consultants, authors and editors have experience of preparing bids, tenders and proposals in every sector of public infrastructure and services in addition to wide experience in the private sector.  They can support you in:

  • Managing the proposal, bid or tendering process;
  • Researching client PQQ, ITT and RFP requirements;
  • Coordinating inputs from multiple sources;
  • Writing your bid, tender or proposal documents;
  • Editing existing technical and commercial drafts;
  • Providing an independent review of your tenders, proposals and bids;
  • Providing emergency resources so your team can meet required deadlines;
  • Training in bid interview and presentation techniques.

Our experience covers a range of infrastructure, equipment and service procurements – for both public and private sector clients.  We have worked in the UK and in many overseas jurisdictions using both traditional and PFI/PPP procurement methods.  

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