Technical illustrations


“A picture is worth a thousand words”

It is very often necessary to provide a graphical representation in order to convey information that cannot be conveyed by text alone.  This might be flowcharts, functional or circuit diagrams, as well as, importantly, physical views. The use of graphics, rather than text, can also reduce the need for translation in multilingual publications.

Sometimes, our customers choose to use photographs to provide views of physical items; however, these can often include spurious clutter, which may be confusing. In this case, there is really no substitute for a technical illustration, created by one of our highly skilled and experienced Technical Illustrators. Such technical illustrations also perform an essential role in conveying information about assembling and disassembling equipment and identifying individual components of an assembly by means of an exploded view.

Technical illustrations can be created from photographs, perhaps in conjunction with videos taken of assembly and disassembly procedures. We can also take exported 3-dimensional models from a wide variety of CAD systems and manipulate these to produce illustrations in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our illustrators have experience working for ABB Power Generation, Airbus, AML, Caterham Cars, Fokker, Ford, GM Europe, Honda, Horwood Homewares, Jaguar, Lotus, Mercedes, MG, UK Ministry of Defence and Nissan.

To view a gallery of some of the work our team of illustrators have performed, including visualisations, some with , please see below:

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