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Translation & Localisation

Document Translation

 translation division consist of a panel of professional, qualified translators that can cater for all languages, however rare. Our translators are carefully selected to match your individual needs and they always translate into their mother tongue. All translated documents are then checked for style, clarity, meaning and consistency as well as for spelling, grammar and syntax. All documents will also be finished in the same style and layout as your original version.

Our translation department provides translation services for all types of document including:

  • Technical documents – user manuals, operating instructions and installation guides
  • Training material – instructor guides, learner guides and powerpoint slides
  • Bids & proposals – RFPs, RFIs and PQQs
  • Pharmaceutical and medical documents – labelling and packaging
  • Marketing literature – brochures, posters and service sheets
  • Legal documents – contracts, terms and conditions and legislation

We have also invested in the latest translation management technology which can identify text that has been previously translated. This can significantly increase the productivity of our translators which allows us to reduce translation time and therefore reduce your translation costs.

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Web Localisation

Unsurprisingly, customers are more likely to purchase your goods or services online if you communicate with them in their own language. Localising your website is a cost-effective way to reach new global markets and communicate more effectively with your chosen audience overseas.

A localised website shows your customer that you care and helps them to better connect with your company, improving customer experience and inspiring confidence in your brand.

We specialise in localising and maintaining advanced multi-language websites, including interactive e-commerce sites that are updated on a daily basis.

Our service goes beyond simple website translation. We can offer advice on the cultural context of your website, ensure suitable layout of the text and even offer search engine optimisation services for your target country to help you improve visibility in local online searches.

All website translations are carried out by our language professionals who translate into their mother-tongue. As with all of our translation work, the translation is carefully revised and edited to ensure translation quality, consistency and cultural awareness.

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