The i-Team : Technical Manuals, Handbooks, User Guides & Instructions, Training Material

The i-Team® was established in May 2004, specialising in the development of domestic appliance user manuals. Today, The i-Team® is a market leader in the technical communications industry, providing a complete technical documentation development service across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. The business started in Yeovil with a single client – a kettle manufacturer – and now on its 20th anniversary celebrates having a London-based office and 100+ clients across multiple sectors: banking and finance, gas and oil, software development and horticulture, to give a few examples.

Key to the success of the business has been its ability to put together a tailored team based on project specifics. With its trained and dedicated team of project managers, technical authors, instructional designers, illustrators and editors, The i-Team® has over the 20 years supported businesses to manufacture and launch products, develop software solutions, make organisational changes, implement standard operating procedures and develop global training programmes. It also takes pride in having worked with the UK Government to explore best practices in product manual writing.

The business celebrates a wonderful working culture with high staff retention rates. It allows complete flexible working. The owner of the business says, “As long as our clients are happy and deadlines are not missed, our team of technical authors can work whatever days of the week they want at whatever hours of the day. I don’t believe in micro-management, but I strongly believe in quality control. Quality control is not about micro-management but careful planning, clear communication, appreciating people’s differing circumstances and maintaining a good relationship with each and every one of your staff. People make more mistakes when micro-managed than when trusted to deliver, which is why at The i-Team® we have a flexible approach to work but a strict adherence to our quality control measures. My longest serving technical author of 15 years works from a narrowboat, often navigating during the day and producing quality documentation during the calmness of the night!”