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Good writing is like music, food and love. Just as music is food for the soul, a good piece of writing can inspire our very being. When it comes to food, they say we are what we eat. Likewise, what we write, defines us. We are what we write. Many say that love is blind. A piece of persuasive writing is powerful enough to influence our thoughts and compel us to act instinctively.

Good writing extends further than correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. It is a work of art that engages the reader by responding directly to their needs and interests. It is about conveying a message simply and concisely, without diluting the essential point.

A well written document has carefully selected language and words. Its tone is in harmony with its audience. It flows smoothly and effortlessly, articulating clarity and sincerity.  It is not a spillage of convoluted jargon, but a masterpiece brushed with a stroke of tactful simplicity.

Many commercial companies do not achieve their potential because they fail to successfully define their idea to people. They underestimate the power of good writing.  In a world where communication essentially comprises written proposals, emails, website content and social media updates, it is the backbone to success.

Companies need to further realise the potential in different writing formats that serve a variety of purposes. Proposal writing: to win business, copywriting: to promote and technical writing: to systemise processes. All of which, when skilfully written, are an integral part to the success of a business, as is music, food and love, to a fruitful life.

By Motia Khan