Technical authoring course


Customers expect and demand well written documents. You only really get once chance to make an impression on a client. Get it right the first time, with technical authoring course, covering the fundamentals of technical authoring. Deliverable in our London office or on site, this course will allow you to refine your technical authoring skills and develop meaningful technical documents.

Course objectives:  After completing our course, you will be able to:

  1. List common technical documents and explain what information they usually contain
  2. Create templates for technical manuals, user guides and SOPs
  3. Plan your document and create document outlines
  4. Structure your document in a logical manner for the target audience
  5. Create reader focused headings
  6. Express information with graphics
  7. Present content in documents clearly and concisely
  8. Make documents user friendly by following a few simple rules
  9. Avoid common errors made by technical authors

Cost: £395 per person in our office or from £495 per person on onsite (minimum of 4 attendees).

Course duration: 1 day – 9.30am to 5pm

Location: London

Contact us on 020 8220 8282 or to book your place on our next course on 17 April 2020. Or click here to register your interest.